8 thoughts on “Question : has anyone compiled monsters by organization and/or (for lack of a better term) “power level”?”

  1. Yes, I understand that. Still, a horde of goblins is less powerful than a horde of shadows. An owlbear is a challenge, but a bulette is another, and the Apocalypse Dragon is quite another, while the Tarrasque is not even in the same league.

    Those rough categories are what I have in mind when I say “power level”.

  2. Yeah, to answer your question as written: not really by power level, because of what’s already been said. Most of the various supplements written by others have a more specific monster section, plus there’s things like Johnstone Metzger’s new monster manual: (http://redboxvancouver.wordpress.com/2014/08/07/terrors-of-the-ancient-world/). Hope that helps!

    If you want to talk more about how a horde of goblins might be more dangerous than a horde of shadows (or even a horde of apocalypse dragons…) let me know!

  3. Thanks Joe Banner! This is not really what I’m looking for, but still interesting (big fan of Johnstone Metzger’s work). I’d still be interested in a way to classify/search monster by organization. The Codex kind of let you do it (just search “horde”, for example), but it does not include all the monsters from the book, so it’s not quite what I’m looking for. Maybe someone already did the hard work of making an spreadsheet (or something like it) somewhere! 🙂

    As for the discussion about the possibility of a horde of goblins being more dangerous than a horde of Apocalypse Dragon, I’m definitely interested (in another thread, please)! 

  4. Oh, I see – didn’t realise we were talking spreadsheets. No I don’t know anyone who’s done that either. Good on you for starting it!

    Regarding monster difficulty, I knew it had been talked about before but I forgot where. I was thinking of the Dungeon World fan guide (it’s here, among other places: http://dungeon-world.com/downloads/) – it’s on page 18 (the example involving Kobolds.)

    Basically, it’s all about playing up the fictional strengths of your monster and making it harder for your players to simply roll H+S. Like, it’s too fast to hit, or too tough, or will try and dominate your mind the closer you get. “You can do it, but you’ll need to defy danger to get close enough, or take the consequences, first.”

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