9 thoughts on “Sorry if I missed this – pretty new to G+.”

  1. @Adam Cool – I will for such check out the Games on Demand area. Mostly, I’m hoping to get a bit more play time with the system to bring it back to my groups – one in-person, one php, one online.

    @Giovanni- let me know if you have a set time you might run. The Rush game sounds right up my ally – caught the Clockwork Angels show in Indy last year not long after GenCon.

  2. Looks like my buddy booked me solid in the 10-2 frames. I’ve never done Games on Demand, are there other times to catch DW games? I’m free for sure from 2-7 Thursday and 12-3, 6-12 Friday.

    EDIT – after poking around a bit, I think I figured it out. Looks like there will be (potentially) a lot of possible DW games to look for there.

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