4 thoughts on “Is it possible to trigger two moves with one action?”

  1. I had the same thought once upon a time, and while I don’t know the official answer, if I were running the game I’d absolutely let a player trigger both moves, because that sounds awesome! I’d probably make them roll for both triggers, though, and balance the results into a single piece of narration.

  2. I can’t imagine there’s a hard and fast rule, but I’d allow it as long as the player isn’t making a habit of combining the same 2 moves. If they are, you probably need to write a new move that encompasses the joint action.

    I’d lean towards using a single roll though. Aside from it being faster at the table, it means the player is less likely to have the move totally explode in his face. Remember, any time dice are involved, the player’s chance of success are dropping significantly. And if you’re requiring a player to hit 2 or 3 consecutive rolls to accomplish something, you’re basically training him to not do whatever it is he thinks is cool. If you don’t like it, you’re better off being frank about disallowing it.

  3. This thing buggers me too, from time to time, even if I can’t think of an example, right now.

    I think that if a player triggers x moves, he has to roll x times, as per each move’s rules. Since, as you say, every roll is a risk, if I want to multiply my moves…

    I’m not so sure we could “disallow” this. On the other hand, you and the Bardbarian’s player could sit down and write a custom move like “When you go Manowar and proclaim the Laws of Metal in the face of the enemy, instead of rolling for x and y, roll […]”

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