14 thoughts on “Would someone be so nice to point me to western-like DW material?”

  1. No… But someone has definitely made an Apocalypse World hack set in the wild west. I’d bet my poncho on it.

    All *World stuff can be banged together in a spare half hour. Google it or check out the Apocalypse World forum.

  2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I would like to clarify, tough, that I am planning to run not a western game, but a DW fantasy game using classic western tropes (the railroad company, the gold mines, the bank robbery, the band of outlaws, the lawless frontier town, etc), and mostly standard playbooks plus some addition like shaman and spellslinger. I was hoping that someone already tackled this approach.

    edit Also, I am aiming for the cheesy side.

  3. Paride Papadia The spellslinger is the only thing I’ve developed with a distinct western theme. I toyed with the idea of a gambler but couldn’t come up with a core mechanic that I found satisfying.

    The Spellslinger kind of encapsulated the things I found interesting in Western stuff, though I’d love to see something that riffed heavily on wird west spaghetti westerns and stuff like high plains drifter. Ghost stories in the west are cool!

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