8 thoughts on “To go with DrivethruRPG’s Sale here is The Kobold for Pay what you want!”

  1. You’re very welcome!

    The rest of the world will tremble – or at least stand in slack-jawed awe – at the upcoming career of Itzee the Traveller, of the Water-Coin Clan, Bandit Extraordinaire! 

  2. Noah Doyle You know whats odd? Itzee was a last minute name idea and every player I have seen use the class has used that name. Hope he makes the world fear him and the rest of his subjugated people. 

  3. Shadi Alhusary That’s funny – I like all the names, but ‘Itzee the Traveller’ really jumped out at me.

    (And the class reminds me that I really should write up the story of the Kobold SWAT Team sometime…)

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