Imagine a packet that included:

Imagine a packet that included:

Imagine a packet that included:

– A regional map, with names & locations

– Name lists (people, places, towns, ruins, groups, etc.) appropriate to the map

– Background moves (as replacement for race moves, or maybe just in addition to them)

– Variants of the core class playbooks, with updated with name, bond, look, and equipment lists by region; maybe slightly different moves, too, and space to write in a background move

– Lists of questions & impressions (like in a dungeon starter), sorted by locale

– Possibly: some monsters, items, & custom moves thematically linked to the map and impressions


At the beginning of a DW campaign, you’d show the players the map, hand out the playbooks, and commence building the world together. But the names, bonds, and gear, starting questions, etc. would be biased towards a coherent style, feel, etc.  Different packets would have different feels, themes, etc.

There’d still be plenty of blanks to fill in, but the packet would jump start a game in a particular direction.

Would you use something like this?  Pay for it?  Be interested in helping to make it?

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  1. Have you seen Beyond the Wall? It’s one of the good OSR clones, it’s all about jumpstarting a campaign in exactly the way described here. Each character is built from a playbook that asks questions about their childhood and current life in some setting, and there’s a setting scenario pack that asks further questions and introduces a plot in a very Dungeon World-y way.

    You can look at the free supplements and get a gist for how the game works, it’s very easily translatable to DW.

  2. Sounds perfect Jeremy Strandberg ! I’d buy it / help design it.

    I would add that the map needs to have (physical) blanks, perhaps with some ‘build in ‘, broad stroke stakes questions.

    It’d be awesome if you had some one or two line situation pitches for the GM to choose from as well, or maybe even some class / role specific loveletters that set the situation for you. 

    It could add that extra layer of support for tying the characters to the setting.

  3. I would totally buy stuff like this.

    That said, I’d prefer little blurbs for playbook alterations so I could input them on my own instead of entirely new playbooks.

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