G’day. I’m a new DW GM, just getting into it, and running my first game in PbP. Something just occurred to me:

G’day. I’m a new DW GM, just getting into it, and running my first game in PbP. Something just occurred to me:

G’day. I’m a new DW GM, just getting into it, and running my first game in PbP. Something just occurred to me:

When your players Undertake a Perilous Journey that takes longer than one day, would you also assume the players have Made Camp and give them the appropriate healing?

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  1. I would. Also, you can have Undertake a Perilous Journey be an overarching mechanic that encompasses more than one day AND still have Make Camp, Take Watch, etc, take place within it. You can just break up each day within the fiction and after day one’s camp, continue with your rolls per Undertake a Perilous Journey.

  2. Alfred Rudzki Hrm, that’s interesting. I can’t imagine how you’d justify that. I mean, a Perilous Journey of 3 days is going to have at least 2 nights of sleep. Why wouldn’t the characters heal at all?

  3. I didn’t say I agreed with the call :p

    I think it comes down to: you don’t subdivide moves. A perilous journey is a complete journey from A to B (unless you get interrupted and ambushed then you have to roll all over again, which is another product of that previous conversation I disagree with).

    So since its a whole journey, you don’t make camp.

  4. Yeah, strictly rules-wise I see that point, but it just feels wrong. It really seems like the characters just have to heal if they’re on a more or less successful (7+) journey.

    So I guess I’ll be house-rulesing Undertake a Perilous Journey into something like: on a 7+, heal damage equal to half your max HP.

  5. Make Camp encompasses more than just the making of a camp. It implies a safe night of rest and recuperation, something which a perilous journey can’t supply. Instead you are collapsing onto the floor after a hard day’s march, so you can get a few hours rest before starting again.

  6. I’d either not let them heal, or do their Journey to the campsite, then Make Camp, another Journey to the next campsite, etc. This is if they really want to break it down. Each Make Camp roll necessitates a break in the action, so a new Journey move.

    However that’s only if they want to zoom in that much (and increase their risk of “random encounters”). Otherwise just do one Journey and see if they get there or fight something. They could Make Camp before their Journey if they like, or take a less perilous route so they can more easily Camp along the way.

    The idea is that no moves the characters make should be skipped over or off-screen, if something could go wrong. But it’s fine if you want to speed things up and give them something without resolving each move, I guess. At least make them describe it, don’t assume! The fiction is important. 🙂

  7. I would say that it depends on how you break down the Perilous Journey…. if it goes from point A to point D and it encompasses several days then NO…. if you stop at point B and C before getting to D, and you are rolling Perilous Journey to go from A-B, B-C, and C-D… then I would say YES.

  8. When you Make A Perilous Journey it is much too Perilous to gain the benefits of making camp. If the journey isn’t that Perilous then there isn’t a call for a Make A Perilous Journey move. Eco-racers never finish their race relaxed and refreshed.

  9. House rules are great but according to rules as written you DO NOT MAKE CAMP when you PJ.

    My Previous thread has already been linked, but just wanted to make it clear.

    RAW: NO!

    Make Camp & PJ are two separate moves for a reason. Giving the players the benefit of a Make Camp move when they do not meet the requirements of the move is a bad idea, IMHO. They are two separate moves.

  10. Also on a PJ the question becomes:

    Who’s roll do you use to determine the success of the healing?? There are three separate rolls (none of which includes healing in the RAW) for three separate roles in the PJ move. Two failures and one partial equals how much healing? Two successes and one partial equals how much healing? One full, one partial, one failure equals how much healing….

    See what I mean?

    It’s a slippery slope….

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