20 thoughts on “When you read from the Necronomicon…”

  1. Yup! The underlying theme in Lovercraft’s work is that the more you KNOW the more you know how meaningless your existence is to the cosmic horror of the universe. Also the mythos deals mostly with knowledge leading to unpleasant discoveries, often having the protagonists wishing the could go back to blissful ignorance before they go insane or kill themselves.

    Also I always envisioned the Necronomicon as being an arcane text as much as religious, probably containing lots of complex equations and star charts.

    So yes I think INT is the correct stat for this.

  2. Or just play/take rules from Tremulus.

    as someone who plays a lot of Call of Cthulhu rpg from Chaosium (or Trail of Cthulhu from Pelgrane Press), reading the book by itself might be a bit messy like a necromancy spellbook but it tends to be more sanity blasting when you start making all the connections in other sources to find how much of some conspiracy is true or how much of the universe you know is wrong.

  3. Eric Lochstampfor exactly! The more you know, the cleverer you are the more doomed you get. Rolling minus INT would make more sense.

  4. On 7-9 you learn stuff but your sanity is threatened – take a permanent wisdom debility. 

    On 6- you inadvertently pronounce the WORD. Yes, THAT one, written on the first page, just below the dedication that says, “To my darling Janice – I will always love you” and just above the Copyright notice and ISBN number.

    A portal opens to Rhilye and a single tentacle comes through. Your own will evaporates as you give yourself over to complete slavery to nihilistic evil. You now belong to the Cult. 

  5. Mike Smith Then why is spout lore INT and not WIS? Spout lore specifically says “When you consult your accumulated knowledge about something, roll+Int.”

    I believe you are mistaken.

  6. The question was whether INT is the right stat. Is it the stat DW (and other systems) use for it? Apparently. Is it the one that makes sense to use? I’d say no. Changing a system like D&D would be a chore though, while DW could be easily fixed.

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