6 thoughts on “Two games of Dungeon World, one Game Mat.”

  1. I use a large dry erase board in a similar manner, however it’s a lot easier to accidently erase important stuff off. The wet erase is more durable and the ability to roll-up the map is nice too.

  2. I have several chessex mats but since I got the basic paizo flip mat they never get used anymore. The paizo mats are paper with a printed grid and a laminated surface. They fold down to 8×10 and fold out to 24×30 so you can fit them in a backpack, you can predraw your map with dry or wet erase markers and leave it on there for weeks, you can use windex and paper towel if it becomes difficult to erase.

  3. John Kramer I had the basic flip mat in my hands today, but put it back on the shelf because I had concerns about its durability. Can you speak to that? The Chessex mats are pretty much bombproof, but bulky; the Paizo mats look to get rid of the bulk, but I have concerns about creases.

  4. Mine is 5 years old, and only just started tearing at the corners where two folds meet in the last year. The creases are stiff to begin with, but can be flattened by carefully refolding them backwards or leaving them flat under books. It’s basically the best $13 I’ve spent on mapping. I understand the blank mats are $24ish now, but you get two double sided mats in the pack. Ink gathers a little in the creases, preventing full erasure with a dry erase eraser so you’ll need windex every few erases. Compared to the chessex mats the convenience of predrawing and leaving the map on their long term and folding down to fit in a backpack far outweighs the inconvenience of the chessex mats which have to be rolled, making it difficult to carry to a friend’s or at a convention, can’t be predrawn, in fact I’ve found staining from regular vis-a-vis blue overhead pens (blue and black are the colors chesses recommends you use, reds and orange can stain much faster) in as little as a couple hours, and even with dishsoap and warm water, there’s no way to remove such a stain.

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