Ok we played a once off last night.

Ok we played a once off last night.

Ok we played a once off last night. As the party killed the BBEG (a wizard) he muttered with his last breath “I invoke the powers of Sea and Ice” The next moment the forest glade was buried under a tsunami of water and glacial ice. The GM informed us, “You have three seconds to react or die”. Eveybody was reduced to zero Hp. Me (bombardier named Black Bart) and the druid survived last breath. Death gave the ranger the option of becoming a priestess in a necropolis – she refused. So everybody died except the bombardier and druid who collected the bounty for killing the wiz.

It was pretty awesome. Two newbie teenage girls played, and I am pretty sure they’ll be back!

5 thoughts on “Ok we played a once off last night.”

  1. Tim Franzke Nobody could think if something to do that would save them except the druid. The druid changed into an eagle but thought she could save the bard. The bard was too heavy…

  2. seems a little heavy-handed, imho, unless they received some sort of advanced warning, aside from “the BBEG is a wizard.”  Then again, I don’t have Grim World yet, so maybe this death curse thing is something everyone routinely does?

  3. It was sort of expected that there would be a TPK since it was a once off… It gave the session a real epic feel. And yes, it fits in nicely with the Grim World death moves. I would definitely not recommend killing the party like this in an ongoing campaign. :-) You may just lose your gaming group.

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