So I have been having an argument with this GM, and I wanted my character to be an ork from one of these custom…

So I have been having an argument with this GM, and I wanted my character to be an ork from one of these custom…

So I have been having an argument with this GM, and I wanted my character to be an ork from one of these custom races and have the custom ability. But then he was saying that it doesn’t go with the group and he wants me to play that standard human even though i don’t think the standard human move goes with my character. I’m just wondering if I’m being unreasonable or he is getting the rules wrong?

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  1. Well the problem is the ability he says that the original one would fit more with the group and would happen more often and also is what a paladin is. His argument that I’m not having a conversation with him with these changes and im being selfish cause he is thinking of the whole group. 

  2. Can’t say from the outside. Depends on the group dynamic.

    The default configuration of Dungeon World is for people to collaborate to create the world but it sounds like this GM already has a story he wants to tell.

    Perhaps ask him why he’s concerned with you being an Orc.

  3. I’m kind of trying to be vague cause I don’t want to be an ass and saying he’s getting it all wrong…but i guess i should say the thing i went for is not really an ork move its kind of the halfling move but im an ork cause i thought it was more interesting so the move is When you Defy Danger to resist temptation or corruption take +1 which i don’t think is OP and fits with the character i want to be but he is saying the group wants to know who is evil in case that situation comes up.

  4. Depends on how orcs & other often monster races are treated. With pc games like World of Warcraft & Skyrim the orc is just another race you deal with similar to the Vulcan or Klingon in Star Trek if you were a human. Other fiction just puts them as enemies not available to the player’s choices.

    While it is up to the GM, in DW the game is a little more flexible with the world building so it’s possible. But he/she probably said no as most fantasy games with one orc player means you will be fortunate if the players especially the elves don’t kill or isolate you but when you get to town, you will have to most likely wait outside or dodge getting caught/killed by the townsfolk.

    Conversely, the classes offer a lot of variety so you can do a great deal of customized things with your character letting you be flexible but if your view of the character is so fixated, then there might not be any character growth. Get crafty with the fiction & have fun.

  5. the problem is i think he is fine with me being the orc but not fine with the move and i have no idea and he keeps on going he is the gm and im being selfish…which i don’t think I am but I definitly think he is playing the rules wrong. He just feels im backseat GMing

  6. I guess I should ask whether I should accept this because I want to play or just not because I get the feeling this is what the game is going to be like which I kind of don’t want to play.

  7. james day I suggest taking the loss and playing anyways. Either you still have fun, or you discover that the GM/Group isn’t a good fit and move on. Maybe send the GM over to this community for a little self-improvement as well. 

  8. Don’t get so attached to your character concept. The GM said no outright which doesn’t seem fair so see if he will let you choose an Orc with a different move, if not then you will probably have to choose another race. As others have said, everyone should be playing to discover the game world and if your GM refuses to allow an Orc in he may have an agenda for the game already.

    On the other hand, perhaps this GM has had a bad experience with players of certain races, while orcs aren’t usually abusive of rules and roles (and rolls) maybe he’s worried that you don’t want to be a team player because you want a monster race. Only you can disabuse him of this notion.

    However, your GM hasn’t broken the rules. Any RPG is a social contract between the players and the GM. There’s no official right and wrong to the game, we can only offer advice, mine is that you should discuss this with your GM, if you can’t come to an agreement that is mutually acceptable, perhaps you should find another group to play with.

  9. James, it sounds like there are multiple problems. Perhaps related, but each a separate issue.

    1. The GM is concerned, having an ork party member will not work well with other player characters. It sounds like this stems from Orks being defined as evil in this fiction, which would pose a problem to the group.

    2. The custom move you proposed using does not fit the GMs concept of your character archetype. The GM is concerned the narrative he has in mind won’t support the type of play you are looking for.

    I think you need to have a discussion with the GM and the group on what the tone and narrative arcs you would like to see in play. It sounds like the GM envisions a party of good heroes adventuring to vanquish evil. Where you might be envisioning a conflicted hero constantly resisting the temptation of evil. The GMs vision largely involves concrete external threats, yours largely involves less concrete inner threats. You can vanquish a horde of evil demons, but it is a lot harder to vanquish the temptation of power over those weaker than you.

  10. I do feel he does have an agenda with the game and wants to tell certain stories but ive said to him thats not how the game is supposed to really be played but he just says im the GM which leads me to think I don’t want to play that game which is a shame cause i was really looking forward to it…

  11. The GM can set certain perimeters for the game. If he doesn’t want to deal with evil characters or want to include elements of Steampunk into the game it is their right. 

    If you ask me. 

  12. Also don’t just don’t play a class or profession in any rpg just for whatever small dice mechanic like that. If you play for just some unique mechanic & not enjoying the game the rest of the time when you can’t use that mechanic then you might feel like your missing out on some of the game.

    If you like what the fiction holds for that game mechanic like the halfling defy move, and you don’t normally play them, try a halfling fighter out. There’s stuff in the google+ tavern discussed recently for more of the core races in the core DW classes.

    Play the character idea you want, do creation with the group if possible to flesh characters out in new ways, or pregens. 

  13. I’m not being evil really im just playing the paladin as i want to play it also we haven’t set up that orcs are evil in this game and ive basically said the orc im playing are basically the civilized orcs. My character is kind of wanting to convert people and loves his god and thinks no other god is available so he basically wants to convert people to his religion before he helps people. Thats why i think that move works more then the evil creatures thing because he wants to steal himself against other religions things that would take him from his holy path of helping people of his religion

  14. While it’s important that the GM follows the rules, there isn’t anything we can do to help. Even if the majority of respondents were to say: yes he’s breaking the rules. Showing your GM that would generally be a short and fast trip out of the game – we’re just strangers on the internet, even if Adam and Sage chimed in about playing to discover being paramount it’s still your GM’s game. Maybe your GM hasn’t fully consumed the Dungeon world Kool-Aid, maybe he’s to used to standard RPGs and didn’t read the DW GMing section or hasn’t taken it’s rules to heart. Maybe he likes DW’s task resolution but wants to run it in the standard, the GM is god almighty way of non-indie RPGs.

    If any of my suppositions are true and you don’t want to play in a DW game run that way then all you can do is talk about it, if he won’t budge and that’s not the game you want to play, regrettably you may have to find another group.

    On the other hand: you could always volunteer to run the game and show your GM how you want to play a game of DW.

  15. james day now I see. You want to play an Orc paladin. Well rules as written only humans can play paladins, you’re probably wondering why-in older editions of D&D only humans could be paladins and dungeon world more or less emulates those older editions. Your GM’s intransigence makes more sense now, perhaps he want his dungeon world to emulate those older editions and likes the restriction of the class to a single race.

    If you want to play an Orc in such a case you might need to change class, might I suggest barbarian? They can be any race. But don’t get too hung up on your character’s abilities, death is only a few hp and a 6- on a last breath roll away. Life is cheap in dungeon world, perhaps not as cheap as in older editions of D&D (or in DCC), a typical session usually sees at least one player rolling last breath. You wouldn’t want to get so attached to your PC mechanically that you can’t re-roll should death occur.

  16. Another thing as it seems the game is more ongoing is to go with the race you want if the GM agrees to it for a basic class, then if you survive to level10 & want to keep going, say your character goes off to train to be a paladin when you can sit with the GM to work together on how to adapt the class/race.

  17. Well I’ve sorted it all out with him now I will change the benefit I get from the race but the race stays the same and actually made some amusing moments so I think the problem he was having with the move that it was to insular and didn’t add anything to the party which I can kind of see now…I just didn’t like the way he was going about telling me that I guess but I also have to learn how to take this stuff in consideration.

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