Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone! I don’t know why it took me so long to look for a Tabletop community on Google+ but I’m here now, and hopefully this will turn up results! 🙂

Hi! My name is Peter, and I’m a brand new face to the realm of tabletops. I’ve been a gamer for 27 years, yet for some reason, I have never gotten into tabletops. That was before I was introduced to a guy who does them online, and it looks phenomenal. It sold me to give it a go. I bought two games: Apocalypse World and Dungeon World (both links for them are below), and I’m looking for people who want to play!

There is a small catch — I’m a brand new streamer on Twitch, and I want to do the sessions live! So, it would be grand if you had access to a webcam, a mic, and a stable internet connection. To offset this, I can tell you that the resources you’ll need to play the games are absolutely free. 🙂 We will use Roll20 to take care of our dice rolls and GM stuff, and it could be a ton of fun.

As it relates to scheduling, I’m willing to work with the group to try and secure a rough day/time, and of course, we can be flexible, but I’m thinking that four to six weeks playing once a week would shape up to be a really bad ass campaign time. Again, nothing is set in stone; right now I just want to play!

If this sounds like fun to you, check out the links to see some of the game resources and examples of what a session like this would look like. I hope to hear from you all soon. If there are ANY questions whatsoever, please reach out to me. I’ll be happy to answer anything I can.

My best,


AW: www.apocalypse-world.com

DW: www.dungeon-world.com

Example: RollPlay R&D – Introduction and Character Creation

My Twitch: www.twitch.tv/peterthomas6

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  1. I see you found us ok. However anyone posting or reading here is already well aware of the online resources for the game, and probably already owns it. 🙂

    Wish you the best of luck finding a group, I’ve only got net access on my phone so online gaming is right out for now.

  2. John Kramer Indeed I have. Thank you again for the guidance. Much like you, I was too lazy to edit the original post, so I just cross posted. 😉 I figured everyone probably knows about DW if there’s a whole community around the game. 😀

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