This a repost from the DW Tavern group.

This a repost from the DW Tavern group.

This a repost from the DW Tavern group. I ran my game using the Planar Codex so I though you guys would appreciate this…

Originally shared by Gary Anastasio

Just ended a super fun DW/Planar Codex game. The following happened in the last game:

1- The party killed the villains who have been a thorn in their sides for 10 sessions. The battle came full circle and happened in the first dungeon they entered at level 1 which was an ancient Lich’s lair with a room full of bones, an alter and a boney hole in the ground that led to the abyss. The battle was over a book called “The Codex of the Unknown God” that could unmake reality and utterly destroy the city of Dis. The book was created by Dis’ father who sought to use the book to commit fratricide on his out of control child which was the living city of Dis. 

2- In the bloodshed the villains blood spilled and managed to trigger the ritual they stopped in the very first session which was at that time to summon a Zombie Dragon.

3- Said Zombie Dragon known as Skalos the Blighted proceeded to wreck havoc on the party breathing acid and taking out the Fighter in one shot who made a 7-9 roll on last breath and took the deal to come back to the living for a price.

4- The player running the Star Mage managed to get everyone out via portals but not before dying to a breath of acid himself. He rolled a 7-9 last breath and chose death. We are using the Grim World rules for death moves. He decided to die and implode as a black hole. It sucked the book in destroying it (which was the goal in the first place), also killing the Zombie Dragon (which was why it wanted the book so it could end its own suffering) and sucked one of the other party members into oblivion due to a 6 or less roll on her defy danger roll. The two that escaped were the thief and the fighter. They were able to watch the Lich tower implode as the black hole devoured the dungeon. Death moves rock.

5- They return to Sultana (the goddess who birthed the city of Dis and who also gave them the mission to destroy the book) to report that the book was no more and the threat has ended. (seriously talk about playing to find out what happens… sheesh)

6- Due to the deal the Fighter made with her god, which was that she would be taken once the quest was completed, she is given a choice… Die and move to the heavens of her people or forever remain in the service of Sultana as a Road Warden. She chose Road Warden. Sultana flicks her hand as the copper wires whip around the fighter, binding her soul to Sultana’s service forever…. 

7- The last scene is the thief walking down the steps of Sultana’s palace. The sole survivor of the campaign. He reaches in his pocket and looks at the gem he stole from the front of the “book.” He smiles unknowing that as long as any part of the book remains that Dis remains in peril. 

And that’s how we ended the game. Pretty epic imho. 🙂 Thanks to Adam Koebel  Sage LaTorra  for making a kickass game. And thanks to J. Walton  for making a setting that was simply awesome. And lastly thanks to Trenton Kennedy  and Deanna Nygren  for making Grim World and the fantastic death move system. My group looks forward to more adventures in the future.