3 thoughts on “Last game night I pulled off a successful “Sleeper Agent”.”

  1. Take this Compendium Class. Adjust the stats at your discretion, it from my secret project. I think we were watching Blue Thunder when this was worked out.

    Saboteur. (Steve’s idea) (some crossover with a Spy class)

    When you deliberately sabotage your group’s, employer’s, or (ostensible) government’s activities, you may take the following move as an advance and also establish the controller (or contact) for whom you’ve actually working all along.

    Throwing in a monkey wrench.

    Take +1 forward when advancing a plan to sabotage interests others think you should safeguard or advance. Mark XP when an organized sabotage plan succeeds. You also have to decide on whose behalf you are acting.

    Once you have taken that move, the following moves become available to you as if they were in your playbook.

    Checking in with your controller (charm).

    When you make contact with your contact with a foreign power, roll +charm. On a 10+ choose 3. On a 7-9 choose one. On a miss, your controller is displeased and will take steps to test you, or just burn you.

    Obtain a useful piece of equipment

    Get a detailed chunk of information on anything your controller would know

    Have something done by your controller’s other contacts

    This isn’t my fight (sharp).

    When your group goes puts everyone’s ass on the line to achieve an objective, roll +sharp. On a 10+ hold 2. On a 7-9 hold 1. Spend hold to speed your way as you find a good excuse to be somewhere safer. On a miss, the GM tells you how you your “friends” catch wind of your intentions.

    Its You Or Me Pal (hard).

    When you prepare for the big showdown with your rival, roll +hard. On a 10+ hold 3, on a 7-9 hold 1. On a miss, you get nothing, maybe just cut and run now… Spend hold to unveil planned advantages in the confrontation and subsequent escape (triumphant or otherwise). If you ignominiously flee, everyone actively involved in  thwarting your vile plot marks XP. If you get away with some satisfaction, mark XP. If you get away with defeating your rival, mark 2 XP and you have the option to take the “retire your character peacefully, start a new character” advance right now for no XP cost. If you take the retirement option, carry any leftover XP to the new playbook.

  2. That’s a neat compendium class but the mage in my group wouldn’t qualify for it. He was playing a bad guy with out knowing it. His actual character was knocked out and replaced with someone else.

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