LingoMancer :

LingoMancer :

LingoMancer :

Alternate title : The Voice :

Inspired by ‘Snowcrash’.

A glass-cannon of sorts, the Lingomancer/ The Voice can ruin the day of an army of adversities as easily as he can his own efforts… and his cohorts!  A powerful bad-luck magnet.  Too indiscriminate to be part of a party, too dependent on others to go it alone.

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  1. I like the concept!  I hope you wanted feedback, if not please ignore the rest of this. A few things I noticed:

    The Dwarf racial tends to indicate that other races can only talk to surface dwellers in this tongue. But then it wouldn’t actually be the “root of all languages” would it? I can also see a lot of argument at the table over this with “well orcs aren’t surface dwellers so only dwarves could talk to them” it seems to create a huge limitation to other races, instead of giving dwarves something cool.

    You used “CHR” for charisma mod instead of CHA on the main class ability description and on the “Swear like an ancient sailor” advanced move.

    Good luck refining it, I like the ideas here.

  2. Good catch on the CHR/ CHA!  I don’t know why I can’t ever get that right – I would think that by now I’d at least know to check it. 

    When I wrote up the Dwarf racial ability I was in the mindset that they’d be able to communicate with extra-planar beings.  Kind of when off the rails there though, and if the Linguimancer were human or elven they’d still be able to communicate with AT LEAST every sentient creature native to their realm.  I’ve adjusted accordingly.

    Also fixed the wandering class symbol to the correct place.

  3. Not sure if there are other similar mages already out like this as I know there is one on true names/commanding. I’d at least change the name as it’s a bit tricky/confusing at first look.

  4. I kinda like the name, but I can see how some might find it to be a mouthful. I did laugh at Alexander Davis comment about Linguine-Mancer (Garfield?).

    You could go with something like “The Voice” or “Speaker” or something along those lines. 

  5. I like the change in name, but here’s my 2c. The, In the ears and around the brain move is a bit cumbersome. Making it pick 2 on 10+, pick 1 on 7-9 and removing the 3rd and 5th picks. You can later package those picks as an advanced move. Also I’m not what you think I am may need to be reworded or folded into tongue of the Ancients.

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