Rules Questions – DEFEND Move

Rules Questions – DEFEND Move

Rules Questions – DEFEND Move

After speaking to some DW veterans, there are a couple of rules questions I would really like an (official) answer to:

– If I perfom a DEFEND move and have more then 1 hold, can I pick an option more then once? Especially “Deal damage to your opponent equal to your level”?

– Is this damage from the DEFEND move effected by the additional damage from Merciless / Bloodlust (+1d4 / 1d8 Damage) or other damage enhancing moves from other classes?

– When you halve the damage of an incoming attack using the DEFEND move, do you halve the damage before or after substracting armor?

I hope the answer to all the questions is not: Discuss this with your GM 🙂

10 thoughts on “Rules Questions – DEFEND Move”

  1. 1. Maybe. Depends on the fiction. If you’re just rolling Defend so you can pummel someone with your shield, you’re not actually Defending, are you?

    2. Would you say that defense is something that someone who is “merciless” or filled with “bloodlust” would do?

    3. Before.

  2. I personally avoid it; I play a Paladin and I only use each once.  Fictionally the one that lets you take someone else’s hit or the one that allows you to lessen then hits you take are the only two that make sense you could use more than once when defending.

  3. you could whack him with your shield afterwards to either unbalance them (giving your allies +1 forward) or to deal damage. 

    You can definetly spend 3 hold at once depending on the circumstances. You can also take multiple attacks on yourself when you are defending for a longer time. 

  4. To make it even more clear, it says “Choose #”, which implies # distinct choices, not the ability to choose an option # times. A helpful bit of wording to remember for the various other Moves that are worded in the same or a similar way.

  5. Who! So, theoretically you could spend all three holds on lvl 7 to deal 21 damage, for example?

    Then again, this wont be defending anymore, though….

  6. You really can’t. You can do it once, but then the enemy is reacting to that; maybe jumping back. If you go afther them you are not standing in defense anymore. 

  7. Well, ok, but dealing that much Damage standing in defense, should be enough for most monsters…and its a sure thing too, so when defending, you dont need the other options at a certain lvl cause you can kill it away anyway, even when standing in defense for oneselve. No?

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