39 thoughts on “Coolest fictional fire-wizards, pyromancers and other magic fire-using-types.”

  1. Dhalsim from Street Fighter videogame series, if you like unsung stainless heroes.

    Chandra Nalaar from Magic: The Gathering lore. If you love no-nonsense 100% pyromancers.

    If you like anti-heroes, Dark Shneider, for Japanese manga Bastard!! (before the series de-evolved into borderline hentai).

  2. Elizabeth Sherman is my all time favorite and I love her (although it’s arguable if she’s using fire magic or fire… Something else).

    And Fire Lord Ozai, Avatar Roku and Avatar Wan are the coolest firebenders around!

  3. There’s some boss spells in Dungeoncrawl Stone Soup for fire elementalists. One of my favorites is conjure fire elemental, because it requires a cloud of flame to work… but fire elementals leave trails of clouds of flame behind them as they move. So once you’ve summoned one you can just keep summoning more until the entire screen is ablaze with your fiery minions, and you can laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

  4. While it wasn’t strictly fire-magic, I’d say that Androl Genhald from the Wheel of Time series creating gateways through which lava from Dragonmount was poured onto hordes of Trollocs and Halfmen was pretty badass.

  5. Currently rereading The Hobbit, and I notice that Gandalf actually uses quite a lot of fire and light-based magic. I thought he never cast any spells, but he does, he just doesn’t call them spells. But he lights stuff on fire constantly.

  6. Wynand Louw Right on with Liz Sherman! She’s the Mignola-Verse Goku at this point. Give her time to commune with her predecessors or her inner firestarter, and she could give Superman a run for his money in the sheer power category.

    Likewise, if you’re going to mention her, we should also mention the other power manipulators in the Mignola-Verse such as the ancient Vril Shaman Shonchin, Sledgehammer 44, and the Black Flame. The Black Fame is especially noteworthy in that he’s still a rather mysterious and primal avatar of the ‘dark side’ of vril (driving all, controlled by the rare few). Raw power, unquenchable flames, deep ties to the dark powers that be, reincarnation, and virtual immortality to begin with.

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