SESSION IDEA SUNDAY [A DW Subreddit Tradition]

SESSION IDEA SUNDAY [A DW Subreddit Tradition]

SESSION IDEA SUNDAY [A DW Subreddit Tradition]

This isn’t related to Cleric Week (which is going awesome so far) but over at the Dungeon World Subreddit we’ve started a weekly tradition (kind of) that has been going strong for 5 weeks so far! 

I thought that it would be worth while to introduce it to your guys over here at The Tavern 🙂 isn’t as large as here but we’d love to have you come and visit! EVERY SUNDAY (Australian Time) so…saturday…i think. I post an article titled (SESSION IDEA SUNDAY) or SIS for short.

Each week for SIS i take it upon myself to put forward a theme/topic for the week and along with my idea related to the topic i open the conversation up to you guys, wanting to read and understand about what you can think of. The more creative the better! You can be as subtle or as epic as you please and i think SIS could be a great way to bring the reddit community and the G+ community closer together.

This weeks theme is TRAPS! Over on the subreddit i have put forward my idea and would LOVE to hear and read about what you guys can come up with.

Here’s the article for anyone interested: 

I hope to see you all over there! 

– Corra

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4 thoughts on “SESSION IDEA SUNDAY [A DW Subreddit Tradition]”

  1. OK, I just have to know. Is naming this idea something with the acronym “SIS” an intentional homage to old discussions on the Forge and otherwise in the RPG theorizing communities, or is it just a coincidence? Either way, I’m amused.

    In any case, I rarely have a trap which is significant enough to be a defining feature of an entire session, but once in a D&D game I ran something which is the inspiration for this:

    Name: Thief’s Folly

    Description: This is a last-ditch anti-theft measure. When an area can only be so well-guarded, and burglaries are expected, the most likely means of escape (since thieves often spend much more effort on sneaking when entering than leaving) is trapped with bladed weapons. A door or window could have a falling scythe, for example.

    The point of this is not to kill, although most who are willing to install this wouldn’t mind if it did manage that. However, anyone good enough to get past the rest of the security probably wouldn’t be slain by such measures. It is intended to remove something from the person of the thief, such as a scrap of clothing or possibly even cut them to get a few drops of blood.

    While the thief is simply escaping with their life, the victim of the theft can recover what the trap took and use it in sympathetic magic. Whether simply dowsing or more direct magical attacks, the trap can ensure that the thief does not rest easy.

  2. It’s not meant to be something that will “define” a campaign at all 😛 it’s just a way for everyone to share ideas, and the acronym is a cool coincidence 

    And why don’t you drop your idea over on the post, the idea is to get the subreddit as active as the tavern 🙂

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