8 thoughts on “What is the most incredible thing you have seen a Cleric, Paladin, or other spirit-based character do?”

  1. My father played a cleric of “Medicus” in a 2-shot game I ran with my family. It wasn’t incredible, but he played this demon-hunting cleric of healing really well, highly enjoyable… and used the Bard as a “canary in the mine” when they went into a pestilence demon’s prison (the cleric was given a boon to be immune to disease for the mission; he kept checking the bard for disease to see if they were getting close to the demon….)

  2. Half-helf Ranger who discovered the godess of life.

    We found the evil elvish sorcere death, contacted his spirit and he told us that he suicided because he was trying to lich out or something.

    So she managed to resurrect him, then beat him to a hinch of his life and went: “I will not let you go. I can call you back again and again. Now you will cohoperate or you will NOT die”.

  3. I was playing a Bard and we were investigating a demon cult. Turns out, they had captured a god (the god of children) and chained him to an altar. He grabbed for my Bard and tried to invade his mind. I let him into my mind and parley with him “We have the power to let you go if you give me some of your power”. The Wizard then Ritualed the god free and my character was blessed with an unspecified gift (because one-shot) but one option was that every child would believe his words. I then pointed out that everyone was someones child…

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