I’ve played and ran quite a lot of DW, and the only time I’ve seen a Cleric player character was when there was no other choice (the French Red Box has only four character classes and there were four players). 

On the other hand, divine power has been very common: with human Wizards of course, Paladins and Rangers often take the move to get cleric spells, etc. 

Is it just my experience, or is the Cleric unpopular?

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  1. I’m still waiting for a play report of a player playing a Cleric of Crom.  I mean, just look and the quote is right there on the side of the cleric description.

  2. I think it’s because DW doesn’t have a strong set of gods to connect to. While that opens things up for the player to invent their deity of choice, a lot of people prefer to have something to sink their teeth into to start out.

  3. Matthew Bannock : or because Bards were stereotypically ineffective and sub-par on D&D (verious editions)… so, in DW you can “scratch the itch” of playing one without being left with an half-effective character. ^^;

  4. Stephanie Bryant You must be right. I played in a one-shot yesterday and chose the wizard instead of the cleric because I had a clearer idea of what kind of character I could make.

  5. I’ll just say I used to play football as a lineman. The quarterbacks, running backs and receivers got all the glory even though the couldn’t have done it with the linemen. Clerics and other support classes are the linemen of fantasy RPGs. Everyone wants to score a touchdown.

  6. It may have just been established over time but Clerics have never been the ‘giver of thy holy band-aid’ in any of my games but are generally treated with such a high amount of respect that it tends to be desirable to play one as the social level of holy clout is a nice perk.

  7. Some people especially after playing them in MMOs find that with it being more of a healer only route that you just have to wait around but in DW or other games you can do quite a lot depending on the lore.

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