17 thoughts on “What would you consider a spiritual attack?”

  1. Richard Dawkins?

    More seriously, it might depend on the context. In which context are you thinking? Depending on what you’re thinking, I’d include possession, pushing ideas into someone’s head, or overwhelming someone with pure evil/good.

  2. I don’t even get if you’re looking for a monster move, a homemade rule for a compendium class, an object, a place… I can talk about what I generally think the words “spiritual attack” mean, but I feel like that’s not what you want to hear.

  3. Possibilities I see:

    Attacks on the mind, pretty much anything I might allow a Defy Danger Wis check for.  Possession spells, pushing ideas into someone’s head, memetic attacks (things Man Was Not Meant To Know),

    Attacks of a non-physical nature from an other worldly source. Gods, angels, demons, raw energy from the negative or positive material planes (if your world has such things), “energy drain” attacks.

  4. Similar to what Alan De Smet said, a “spiritual attack” could be:

    1) An attack capable of damaging a creature’s soul or spirit. (Level drain. Sucking someone’s soul out. Life force draining attacks. Etc.)

    2) An attack capable of damaging someone’s sense of faith.(Pointing out the holes in someone’s religious beliefs. Providing proof that someone’s deity doesn’t exist. Etc.)

    3) An attack from a spirit, such as a ghost. On an attack that is focused through a soul/spirit.

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