Very cool. Anyone have ideas for applying this to DW?

Very cool. Anyone have ideas for applying this to DW?

Very cool. Anyone have ideas for applying this to DW?

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This is a fantastic entry. The expanded alignments nicely blend with traditional AD&D alignment while offering some more nuance, the wizard schools are fantastic, and there are some neat spells in there.

I especially like how the wizard schools have just enough detail past type of magic to place them in the world as factions with their own interests and rivalries. I can definitely see how just combining these two tables would produce pretty fantastic results for random encounters or adventures.

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  1. Very odd Renaissance style painting of a lamia from the look of it if D&D monster memory is right.  Pretty easy really to adapt to DW, just go with each of the wizard schools as separate places to go and learn from. Rob the 2nd D&D Wizard Handbook on other new spell ideas.

    One other thing that you can do is have the player characters investigating some wizardly news, murder or hijinks where they have to go to each school to look into things to help out as a neutral party of the crown/guild.

    Could also go with some magical riddle or artifact that they need to ask other wizards on to figure out what this is. It could be some arcane artifact similar to the famous one ring, a key to some fabulous treasure (which will be fought over ownership among each of the schools) or a device from an ancient temple gift shoppe for finding the temple’s often-lost cat.

  2. You can always go with the “magic is a living thing” way. The power granted by the ability to cast magic changes those who use it enough, it tends to bring out certain aspects of a wizard’s personality through the frame of mind needed to channel it.

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