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  1. Not super exciting, but… the PCs were taking a boat trip upriver to their next adventure sight.  The artificer had taken a bond like “I will learn the ways of nature from the ranger.”  So on the boat ride, the ranger spent a fair amount of time pointing out birds and other animals, talking about how the ecosystem worked, about animals hunted, how to move through the woods unnoticed, etc.  The fighter and the artificer each took 1 preparation for that. 

    Later, they were sneaking through the woods, trying to get the drop on some mutant goblins.  There were some Defy Danger rolls (the danger being alerting the goblins) and artificer rolled a 9.  He spent his preparation to make a 10.  Meanwhile, the ranger rolled a 7-9, snapping a branch and putting the goblins on guard.  The artificer turned and held up a finger, like SHHHH!  And he resolved that bond at the end of session.

    Maybe you had to be there.  But it was hillarious at the time.

  2. I think Bolster walks great if you can link back to the preparation you did when you spend the point. So describe how the Artificer makes a birdcall or uses the knowledge of these birds when he does his action. So the fiction stays more in line with everything and the bonus doesn’T come from nothing. 

  3. We were playing in this archipelago setting, with colonist dwarfs, predator elves, technological primitive humans and a sprinkle of shark-men. A mix of Pirate of the Caribbeans, One Piece and Dog Eat Dog.

    The party was being hired to assasinate a dwarven governor but they got carried away, go figure, and their plan grew to include spreading a reign on fterror on the dwarven part of the island.

    So they spent the best part of a month on a killing spree against rich and powerful dwarven families, attacking from shadows and dark alleys and whatnot, fostering a climate of paranoia.

    Instead of playing every single coup we just summed up this whole thing in a quick montage and called it a Bolster move to prepare for the upcoming assault.

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