6 thoughts on “I’ve lost over 22 lbs. since I started playing Dungeon World a mere 8 sessions and 2 1/2 months ago.”

  1. I must be doing something wrong.  DW is having the opposite affect on me!  Damn you Sage LaTorra  and Adam Koebel !  But seriously, congrats Joachim Erdtman.

  2. Nicely done, though for me games like Dungeon World, Eclipse Phase & Call of Cthulhu have helped me lose weight in the number of game books carried around all 3 systems only need really the core book & maybe 1-2 others so it’s nice to have expansive systems without needing tons of books to play it.

  3. While my diet obviously has been the greatest contribution to my weight loss, the creative rush of game mastering Dungeon World has me feeling like a million bucks, and wanting to look it too. 🙂

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