Something I’ve been thinking about.

Something I’ve been thinking about.

Something I’ve been thinking about.

Originally shared by J. Walton

I know work is crazy when my brain starts churning out new game ideas that I don’t have time to work on.

Planarch 3030: Cyberdungeonpunk in the Medium-Future

They say the City of Dis used to be nestled among an infinite sea of planes. No more. Now there is only the City Unbound, stretching endlessly from horizon to horizon, composing everything that is.

The golden age of the Sultana’s rule is a thing of legend. Now the Ten-Thousand Parishes are ruled by the kleptocratic Guildsmen, who stare down at us from their megalithic citadels of onyx and brightstone.

They say they protect order and free commerce, but we know they are only indulging their greed-fueled debauchery while we struggle with nothing and the city itself slowly dies, starved of new planes to consume and new places to expand into.

But there are new possibilities to strike back or at least get by. The Loom of All Fates, crafted by the spiderfolk, connects everything together, even the lowliest freebooter and the pinnacles of the Guildsman hierarchies. Lawlessness is rising as the hold of the Guilds and their lackeys begins to strain. New faces have appeared in the city, claiming to come from obscure planes that Dis has not yet fully assimilated. A time of change, of reckoning, is coming.

Where will you stand when the basalt pillars begin to fail?

13 thoughts on “Something I’ve been thinking about.”

  1. I am currently thinking of it as a Sundered Land hack, maybe? With mini-games for breaking into places, stealing things, fencing goods, hacking the Loom, running from Guild agents, etc. Might be easier than writing a new set of basic moves.

  2. …I think I just want to play it with “regular” Planarch Codex in DW. With some good move set for the Loom of All Fates (which is awesome beyond words, of course).

  3. Maybe I could use Sundered Land mini-games to illustrate the world, but also include some custom DW moves for certain things. Probably enough room for both in a 32-page booklet.

  4. How about this: if I structure the mini-games as “when you break into a Guild citadel” or the like, you can either decide to do it by engaging the mini-game or you can choose to instead do it fiction-by-fiction move-by-move as you normally would in DW (with the help of the new custom moves).

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