Here are my first drafts of some of the racial classes for my Eberron conversion.

Here are my first drafts of some of the racial classes for my Eberron conversion.

Here are my first drafts of some of the racial classes for my Eberron conversion. A few things: one of the big things about the new races in Eberron is how their viewpoint is different from the “normal” races like dwarves and elves. To simulate that, I’ve given each of these classes (except the Dragonmarked) different questions for Discern Realities. I’m especially curious of what you think of them.

Attributions: Obviously, I was inspired by Andri Erlingsson’s Elf, Dwarf, & Halfling. A lot of the Changeling’s advanced moves are from Jeremy Friesen’s Mountebank class. The Shifter draws inspiration from various *World interpretations of werewolves, including those from Monsterhearts and Urban Shadows. The Kalashtar nabs some moves from Inverse World’s Lantern, and the Mechanic and Survivor are strong inspirations for the Warforged. The Noble (I’m not exactly sure who made the Noble?) was the source of a couple of moves for the Dragonmarked.

Geez, that’s a lot, huh? Anyways, let me know what you think!

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  1. Oh, the way I intend for racial classes to work is thus: you can play a Warforged or a Kalashtar or whatever, but any character of the race can take moves from their racial class without needing a multiclass move as if they were a character of that class at the same level.

    Oh (and I need to add this to the sheets) any character who takes a move from the class gets the Discern Realities replacement as well, representing how their viewpoints shift as they further explore their heritage.

  2. David Guyll I think it’s a decent way to group the moves. You can also do it as a “compendium class”, but I like the idea of someone playing the Kalashtar, or the Warforged. Also, I was really inspired by Andri Erlingsson’s Elf, Dwarf, & Halfling. Hold up, I’m going to edit that into the main post.

  3. Giovanni Lanza, I’m getting ready to run an Eberron campaign in a few weeks. Do you have any other resources that might be of use? Thanks in advance. 

  4. Absolutely! I’m going to try to get the “crunch” (i.e. class, race, equipment chapters as well as character sheets) ready in a couple of weeks. I’ll make sure to tag you when I post them.

  5. I think he’ll like the Gnome Thief move:

    You collect secrets like a squirrel collects nuts. When you meet someone important (your call), you can ask the GM for one thing you know about them. The GM can ask how you know this.

  6. J.T. Seusoff thanks for the feedback! Sorry it took a bit, but I wanted to make sure I had the time to respond.

    For the Look names, I just took ALL the looks from all the playbooks.

    In Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk, I agree the choices need a bit more work. I wanted it to be on a 10+, you do it and keep your cover, and then for a 7-9, one or the other.

    Well, changelings never needed to roll to change shape before. My thought was they could change shape all they like, but when they actually want to utilize it, they’d use Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk.

    The purely backstory/flavor/plot hook starting item choices were straight up inspired by the Dwarf, Elf, & Halfling.

    I don’t think the multiclass moves are that powerful, to be honest. They can only get moves from classes that their race could take, anyway.

    Would adding the stipulation that they have to change shape to dispel it help with Slippery Little Devil.

    Changelings can’t be fighters anyway, so it’s not that big a deal.

    Thanks for the compliments on the Dragonmark move!

    Yeah, Lesser & Greater Dragonmark will have a lot of GM ruling. But typically the player will have some suggestions as well.

    I actually forgot to finish the Living Dragonmark move. Whoops!

    I think I’ll buff Use the Force, Luke! Maybe up to person-sized things moved to Far range?

    The Psyche thing was when I originally had Mind Over Matter as a level 1 move. I might tweak Burdened With Glorious Purpose to include some Psyche stuff.

    I wanted to leave it open to defy danger for The Beast Within. If you control your anger by punching a wall, it’d be+STR, for example.

    I agree that they need an active move, but what? Changelings impersonate, so they have Talk the Talk as an active move. Kalashtar quest, essentially, so they have Burdened With Glorious Purpose. Shifters shift so they shift. Warforged…fight? So I gave them Forged for War, because Hack & Slash is already a thing.

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