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  1. In the early days of working on Dark Heart, I came up with an elaborate faction game for the GM to play, but ultimately dropped it during development and playtesting, opting instead for just the job system + “what happened to that job we didn’t take?”

    So I’m not sure there’s any polished version of the stuff you found. That may be it, mostly. If I was going to head in that direction, I think I would steal a lot from the faction game in Stars Without Number, which does similar stuff. I do think there’s some good potential in rating factions on the AW-style -2 to +3 scale and having them roll against each other in attempting to make moves, but I never developed that into a complete thing.

    The planar travel moves basically got combined into the “when you go into a dungeon you’ve been through before” move, with the idea being that the paths between planes are all dungeons, essentially, and that if you’re going back to a plane you’ve been to previously, you can roll that move to shorten your journey. The final text of Dark Heart doesn’t really make that clear, though.

  2. All solid! I’m working on some notes for a romantic fantasy bent of DW my group wants to play, and I thought I’d look over what sorts of planarch codex stuff exists. The faction score and faction move ideas caught my attention. Thanks for the insight.

  3. I posted my set of True Love moves a few days ago, and I believe I tagged you in the post since I used a countdown after rereading about them in Dark Heart. If you don’t see it, then I’ll repost.

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