Hi all!

Hi all!

Hi all!

This is my first post on this page, however I already have a request. I’ve been writing a playbook for a magic duelist based on an amalgam of the Harry Potter book, movie and video game spell mechanics. (heard of others but oh well)

The first playtests have been excellent, it appears well balanced. But I can’t figure out what to do with the Transfiguration type spells. Would anybody like to read the draft and provide some input?

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  1. Sweet! I still have to test the high level spells’ balancing and write the new item list (so the potions work, also broomriding mechanics maybe), but you can definitely play the class already if you wish 😀

  2. Those are all great points. Thank you for taking the time to read it! 😀

    The Potter-ishness isn’t super important, it’s more about the visceral feeling of duelling that carries over so well in the video games. But the spell names are part of the lore so I try to stay true to the source material.

    The Familiar

    isn’t the term used in the books, but the mechanism is the same; it’s just an aspect of your personality. Like a Druid’s Homeland or Tell. The “perks” depend on what form the player chooses: Speed/ferocity/wings etc.

    Repair Wand

    Completely slipped my mind! I will add that, or make it doable by Ritual. Thanks for that 🙂

    Duelist’s Reflexes

    Good points there. I’ll just have to word it well. It could feel like the Druid move that gives you armor when your feet are touching the ground… make your positioning play a role.

    Occlumency & Legilimency:

    Still need to hammer at this to get a clear-cut benifit.


    I’ll see how this one shakes out once I get the item list sorted. Maybe custom potions are the way to go, like Ritual: the GM gives you the costs and such.

  3. Oh yeah, I like the idea of Stress Boxes and having the wand gradually become stressed, but I’d like to avoid adding extra stats. I’ll look into it though. The Overcharging adds a big risk/reward factor that I’d like to keep. You can potentially ‘splode 3 targets of House size, but if you fail your wand ‘splodes and you have to fight like a Muggle. It really is a glass cannon class, which means mo’ drama! \:D/

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