Today I finally finished my first Adventure Front, and two Dangers on our Campaign Front (leaving room for another…

Today I finally finished my first Adventure Front, and two Dangers on our Campaign Front (leaving room for another…

Today I finally finished my first Adventure Front, and two Dangers on our Campaign Front (leaving room for another later). It took me running three sessions to actually understand how Fronts are meant to work, as I had to somehow first manage the other parts.

By the way, the way I managed to learn how to GM Dungeon World was accomplished by creating two epub study guides.

The first contains everything about how to GM, and the rules for all the Basic and Special Moves along with every example on how to resolve those from both the core rules and the Guide. I also included the full Example of Play from the rules, the Guide, and the 16 HP Dragon. It provided me with some great night time reading.

Next I did a study guide for how to create and use Fronts, again incorporating everything from the rules and the Guide. It took me a couple of reads, but now I finally understand the finer points of Fronts. Huzza!

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  1. That’s great Joachim Erdtman! What made the process ‘click’ for you? How do you organise your grim portents and impending dooms? On index cards? On a GM sheet or relationship map? Written on the campaign map?

    How have you incorporated player flags into the process? What about re-incorporating items/locations/rumours/NPCs established in the first few sessions… How are they effected by your fronts?

    Can you give us some examples of your dangers and stake questions you have developed?

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Holy crap Nathan Roberts, that wasn’t just one or two questions.

    The process clicked into place after creating and studying my epub study guide on Fronts. After collecting both the example Fronts from the core rules and the Guide, along with some of Johnstone Metzger’s edits from Truncheon World  it fell into place. I believe I was simply overburdened with trying to run Dungeon World prior to having mastered how to do it, and after figuring that part out, the Fronts didn’t seem so tough anymore. I had a list of interesting Dangers that the player (just one) and I had introduced during play, but could simply not get from Types of Dangers and the Impeding Doom to the Grim Portent steps. Now I have both a complete Adventure and Campaign Front ready for our next session.

    I created my own Front Sheets, they have space for three Dangers, and all the front extras such as Description, Cast, Custom Moves, and Stakes.

    We have a campaign map, but I followed the advice and noted Dangers not directly as such, but rather as clues to their existence.

    We have played 4 sessions, but it was really more like 3 actual play sessions, and one where we played around with the Steading rules, asked and answered some questions, and talked about our game (I was too fried to GM that day). All the Dangers used have been invented by my player (and I) during play, so player flags play utmost importance.

    I don’t have a scanner, and hand wrote my fronts on my printed Front sheets, and at least right now am too tired to type it all in.

    If Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel, Eon Fontes-May, +Sean M Sean M. Dunstan, and Johnstone Metzger approve, I will be glad to share my study guides. However, I should really contact them privately first.

  3. That’s great Joachim Erdtman! Thanks so much for sharing, I’m so happy when the whole front process becomes second nature for folks. Keep us updated on your game huh?

  4. Well, throwing out an email with something like “hey, I’m sharing stuff I made with your stuff over at [link], but if you don’t want me to, lemme know and I’ll take it down” is a nice courtesy.

    A lot of times a cc license is also there so the creator doesn’t have to deal with giving permissions and stuff, because sometimes that’s a hassle. Like, I spent enough time on Truncheon World already, I don’t want to spend more time vetting stuff. People should just do whatever they want with it, as long as credit is given somewhere (and to Sage and Adam primarily, I only added a little bit to the book).

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