Well. I ran Inverse World yesterday with a group of new players, plus one experienced RPGer (who had never played DW before). It was my all-female game, and I was a little nervous since I hadn’t played with any of them before.

It was amazing. Towards the end, one of the players just started riffing ideas, inventing rumors of things she’d heard while around town…. so fast I couldn’t even jot them all down. They were all natural storytellers and role-players, really. It was an awesome thing to behold.

Some highlights:

A mis-heard comment about topography introduced a terrorist group to the island (terraces.)

The Lantern went all holy-light on another, elder, lantern NPC in the middle of the temple, mistakenly believing the NPC was a creature of darkness. She wasn’t… just dying of cancer (damn). But the cancer, or rather how it’s interplaying with her Light… that’s a mystery our Lantern must solve!

The Captain learned about a smaller island crashing into the Worldcrust, and proceeded to get very drunk. She might hare off to participate in some salvage operations out there, but has to watch out for the paint-flinging goblins who live in that quadrant (it’s a little too close to the Second North West Quadrant, you know).

The legions of tax collectors on this island, as it turns out, have a gentleman’s club they retire to at the end of an evening (who knew? I didn’t, but one of my players did). Is it suspicious that the chief investigator into a missing 20% of the fruit production of the island prefers to drink distilled spirits instead of the local wine? Perhaps.

And they haven’t even scratched the surface of hints about missing persons, the mayor’s corruption, or why there are so many people hidden from Sola’s light, here…

This was supposed to be a one-shot, but it looks like we’ll be playing again in two weeks.