Demon in the shadows compendium class

Demon in the shadows compendium class

Demon in the shadows compendium class

The summoning

When you summon a shadow dragon into you, your flesh and bones are transformed into shadow dragon flesh and bones. You now possess the body of the shadow dragon, even if its mind still fights you.

Demonic possession

When you possess the body of the shadow dragon, you are its demon and use its body as your own. Now when you trigger a move, before you roll say how you:

• breathe darkness upon a foe

• command slaves

• take and hoard all the gold and jewels

• kidnap someone

• rip and tear with savage claws

• strike from the sky.

For each option you describe in fitting detail, the group may grant you +1 to your roll. Then make your roll as normal. Do as the move instructs, but on a 10+, you also subdue the dragon. On a 7-9, one of the shadow dragon’s impulses is too strong; the GM gains one hold to activate an impulse. On a miss, there’s trouble, double trouble.

When the GM spends hold to activate an impulse: terrify, hoard, mock, butcher, betray, the shadow dragon regains control of its body for a moment. The GM will tell you what unwelcome things it does. 


When you gain Darkness, the GM will tell you to roll 1d4 or more. Add that to any Darkness you already gained. 

When you have Darkness equal to half your Charisma, the GM gets 2 hold when you get a 7-9 on Demonic possession

When you have Darkness equal to your Charisma, the shadow dragon breaks free from your possession.


Add to Grim Portents of Danger: Shadow Dragon

– The shadow dragon breaks free from its possession. 

13 thoughts on “Demon in the shadows compendium class”

  1. David Guyll, that was more or less my idea. Activating an impulse means the dragon is essentially in control for a moment. That could mean initiating unwelcome actions or changing the execution or effect of an action in unwelcome ways. So the dragon destroys the bridge the other PCs are crossing (impulse: betray); attacks not just the party’s foes but everyone (impulse: butcher); or instead of helping them gather their loot, it takes it all flies off with it (impulse: hoard).

    Your idea of being consumed by darkness is nice. I have a few other ideas for what the dragon breaking free of possession means, but I’ll definitely consider yours when I have to make the call. 

    Your Darkness countdown is quite nice, making the dragon’s powers a more limited resource than just on a miss. One thing this makes me think of is making the Bard’s player  track the countdown, so they now exactly how far they are from losing their powerful host.

  2. Sounds good,David Guyll. That style countdown also lends itself to other effects; like if Darkness is have your Charisma, then *trigger a move” activates two impulses on a 7-9. 

    I really need a better name than trigger a move for that move. Maybe something about power and control. Hmmm.

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