13 thoughts on “Could someone point me to a comparison between DW and AW: Dark ages? Could they be mixed and matched?”

  1. They don’t use the same stats, the same damage system, the same health system, the same sort of classes, or focus on the same scale of problems or style of gameplay.

    You could use the setting, though, I suppose.

  2. Considering the first version of AWDA isn’t compatible with the version Vincent’s working on currently, yeah, probably not mixable with DW. BUT you could still swipe moves from it for DW, just like you can swipe moves from AW. People seem to like that Beautiful & Doomed move, that’s an easy one to use in DW.

  3. You can look at AW and how prtable stuff is to get an idea I think. You can port some moves and concepts but everything more gets difficult.

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