2 thoughts on “Has anyone ported the Hx rules from Apocalypse World into DW?”

  1. What are trying to do Ariel?  Do you mean Hx for XP? Cause that was trialled and most folks disliked it since there are 6 stats in DW.

    Or do you mean Aid/Interfere? Cause that works pretty much the same, plus the Bard / Cleric are competent since that’s part of their shtick. It also means that Hx (Bond) only resets once the Bond is Resolved, that’s been incorporated into the DW XP system.

    There are plenty of DW moves that could substitute the Stat for Bonds (Hx) if you wanted, sounds like a custom move to me…

    Other AW moves that influence Hx are sex moves, of which you could port into DW if you wanted?

    In regards to PvP, Adam Koebel advises to both roll (if appropriate) and determine the fictional result from there…

    Yes PvP combat is dangerous.

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