8 thoughts on “This beautiful book arrived yesterday! I can’t wait to play and find out what the hilocampas does!”

  1. I kinda wish i had bought the print edition. DW – GW is one of the nicer looking books I’ve seen in a while. The gang did really well in the layout.

  2. Grim World has great features, I like it. BUT the cover art is very disappointing. Anonymous, no catching art, no logos…  😐  

    I can’t believe they used that thing, while they put so great art inside.

  3. I LOVE the front cover!!

    So inviting, so mysterious, so unique. You open the locked front cover to discover the enchanting title page inside. Sublime and evocative.

  4. Meh, I keep seeing that as a “D&D 3.5 manual without logo or title”. If there is another couple of books like that on my table, then I can waste minutes grabbing the wrong book 😀

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