10 thoughts on “Tonight my players die!”

  1. Well, the cavern is a cursed place. A magical artifact is down there, the Tablet of Life (not an iPad…), and it is “polluting” the environment. Life grows rampant down there, all manner of nasty creatures. You know, when creatures has an life cycle of a few days, evolution is remarkably efficient.

    When we left off last time, two of my players were about to be swallowed alive by a giant flesh eating flower. They can’t just cut themselves loose from its vines either, as it is resting on the side of a cavern, and it would result in a 100 to 200 meter drop. Hehehe…

    The Wizard is fine though, as always 😀 He’ll probably start a fire with his newly attained fireball though.

    Oh well, play to find out. I can’t just kill them. I need to give them hope first 😀

  2. We had some pretty great highlights. Yemi’serra the cleric pissed of the god of Death, Javanarell the wizard cast about 10 fireballs and the Gizh the fighter brutally slew a lot of really horrible stuff.

  3. Well, its not entirely unlikely. They are only one “room” into the cavern, and they have already been in 4 or 5 fights. Plus the lich lord is very much aware that they are present, and he is currently figuring out how he can steal the tablet from the room it is kept in.

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