I don’t get to game with nephew very often.

I don’t get to game with nephew very often.

I don’t get to game with nephew very often. I think the last time was a Dungeon World game toward the end of last year. He was playing a warforged fighter named Ssor, his name backwards. That game he joined my regular group for a pretty epic session that involved some planar hopping and time travel. Looks like I’m going to run another session for him tonight, so I wrote this up for the session.


After traveling to Hell and back, you set out from Hamshire to hunt down the demons that escaped through the portal that brought you back to the world. When you track down and battle the demon Garmantragashador, roll +STR. On a 10+ pick 2, on a 7-9 pick 1.

* You take off Garmantragashador’s head, sending him back to hell.

* Those that witness the battle see the demon’s true form and know you did not simply kill an unarmed man.

* You take from Garmantragashador the crescent moon-shaped Pendant of Arman Thul, which allows its wearer to bind shadows to their bidding.

* Garmantragashador does not mark you. If he had you would have become a beacon for evil things.

What does Garmantragashador look like? In human form? Demon form?

What were Garmantragashador’s last words to you?

If you were marked, where? What does it look like?

The Mark of Garmantragashador

When you are marked by the demon Garmantragashador:

* All foes faced with a choice of who to attack will choose you.

* If you are in hostile territory on a miss tell the GM the following: Until I arrive at a place of safety, any Defy Danger roll of 7-9 by me may draw attract a wandering monster.

When you discover how to remove the Mark of Garmantragashador the GM will detail 1-4 of the following requirements:

* The blood of a magical creature

* Midnight on the full or new moon

* A circle and/or rune drawn with a magical substance

* A significant sacrifice

* A priest of Law or Good

* Slay a powerful creature

The Pendant of Arman Thul

The shadowy powers of forgotten Arman Thul may only be called upon after sunset. When you use the pendant to call upon the long dead wizard’s powers, roll +WIS. On a 10+ hold 3, on a 7-9 hold 1. Spend hold 1-for-1 to:

* Gather shadows around you, making yourself one with the shadows for a short time.

* Gather shadows around a creatures eyes, shadowing their vision for a short time.

* Gather shadows into the shape of your choosing, creating a shadow illusion for a short time.

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  1. Nathan Roberts I haven’t read it, but I should. This particular letter was based off the last session in which he played. Went over well. He went for the magic item, which, why would you not, and the things he decided against pretty much built the adventure. Ended with the demon defeated but the character still cursed. On top of that I got to introduce two people to Dungeon World, one of which had never played an rpg before, and the other not for 10+ years. Bonus!

  2. Super Bonus!

    How’s this for Inspiration?

    Danger: Ar’Diabalos, Prime Evil, the Lord of Terror

    Type: Planar Force—Demon Prince Impulse: To open the gates of Hell

    Impending Doom: Destruction.

    Diablo emerges from his prison amid a flood of hellspawn and dooms the land into darkness and eternal suffering.

    Grim Portents:

    •  The Soulstone is broken •  A host is found •  King Leoric is slain •  Diablo’s army forms

    •  The Lord of Terror emerges from his prison, aflame with all Hell’s grim glory

    Aw Yeah.

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