13 thoughts on “Is there any better way to phrase this:”

  1. When you tell an ally the best way to stand in defense of something, and they take your advice, they get a bonus to their armor equal to your CHA while they follow your instructions and stand in defense of that person or thing.

  2. Yeah, I was trying to figure out how to make it less wordy, but there’s a lot of conditions in there: the triggering person’s action, the effect on the target (+CHA ongoing to armor), the secondary target (thing being defended), and the condition that would end the ongoing (you have to be defending the secondary target to get the bonus).

  3. I actually did some work on a Warlord-ish core class a while back. I wonder if I can find my notes on it. I think someone in SomethingAwful’s SW thread may have taken my notes and fleshed them out to a full class though.

  4. Hey Tim Franzke I didn’t know you were thinking about a Warlord subset class. [shrug] Even so, it would tie the fighter’s bond characters closely together as a group if you used this as a ‘command’ style move a lot in battle. 

    As is on CHA it is a pretty cool.

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