6 thoughts on “What are your favoured ways of starting a new session (any but the first one)?”

  1. Usually we start from where we left, if we were in the middle of something, or the Gm set an initial situation asking to the Pc what are they doing right now

    (If I got your question).

  2. Maybe I don’t have an answear for your question, sorry!

    usually my players know what they want to do and as a Gm I don’t have to do something to bring them back in action.

  3. I start each session off with “Previously in __“, like an ongoing TV show.  I try to highlight the most exciting moments to bring up excitement, and talk about some of the things I want them to think about (announce future badness).  I also ask them for highlights of the last game, to get them involved and find out more about what they liked/didn’t like.  

    It also brings attention to the table; the players know when I say the line, the game starts.  One time when I asked if everyone was ready, one of my players shouted “Guys, shut up, he’s gonna say the thing!!”

    It’s something I got from Chris Perkins, in this article: http://wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4dmxp/20110224

  4. I had players who started reciting the “Previously on…” line…

    Possibly because I tend to have one of the players do the recap of the last session, but still.

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