Hi Tavern

Hi Tavern

Hi Tavern,

I’ve made a database for Dungeon World!  It’s online now at http://omnibus.io/  

Currently it mostly only has the core data in it, but it is ready for the community to add whatever it wants.  It’s also ready to automatically pull in all the monsters from the DW Codex (licenses permitting), but actually the codex is down at the moment.  There is a Trello board up for ideas and issues here https://trello.com/b/d8q0PyXx/dungeon-world-omnibus

I’ve added Isaac Karth’s Grab Bag of Equipment Tags, and if there are any other resources out there that are in data-friendly, spreadsheet type format, I will gladly add them as well.

Other things — 

You can favorite the things you like, hide the things you don’t like, and search through all the things you’ve favorited or hidden.

You can see all the things made by a particular author http://omnibus.io/authors/11

You can add ideas for how spells or moves fail http://omnibus.io/spells/5

It’s an ongoing work-in-progress, so if you have any input on where it should go, comment on the Trello board!


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  1. oh yeah, you sign in using your google account, so no registration is necessary.  just click the key in the upper right corner.

  2. so can you explain to me again how i add additional classes to the race? I at least want to finish adding all the warforged race moves.

    Edit: i think i got it

  3. okay, other problem. I tryed to put in new moves, both for compendium classes and for base classes. Neither works. I get to the new window that opens for putting in moves. I write the move down there. I save it. Nothing happens. I save again. Nothing happens. I close the window. The move is nowhere to be found. 

    Also how do you think it’s best to show what is the entry move for a compendium class and what are the moves that you unlock through taking the move? 

  4. you log in, you go to classes, you add a new one. 

    The problem is that i haven’t figured out how to add new moves. (unless they are racial ones)

  5. Will Davies after you iron out the input problems, 2 suggestions: 1. a PDF generator for playbook style classes, and for compendium classes would encourage everyone to insert their custom classes; 2. It would be great if you could consider to archive DW things in multiple languages.

  6. Tim Franzke I added a link to add race moves from the race page to make that process easier to figure out.  I’ve got the Move creating process sorted out, I think that’s good to go.   

    For any move there is the “prerequisite” field where you can set the move that is required before you can access that move.  Currently compendium classes on omnibus.io are just some introductory text, followed by a list of moves.  It’s not nearly as flexible as a PDF, which is totally freeform.  I am open to suggestions on how to improve it.

  7. David Schirduan I had referenced burtlo’s codex scraper on github – is that your account?  Tim Jensen The codex was up a bit ago, but it is down again.  Maybe my scraper is crushing it?  I’ve slowed the process down so that next run it won’t be so heavy on the codex.

  8. I’ll add the prerequisite to those moves lists.  For the druid move – maybe create a new author called “The Community” or something?

  9. or should it be 

    “here is a big collection of just everything that is out there. If you want to know what is official, look at the sheet.” ?

  10. Would this be covered by Authorship?  If a move is authored by the same author as the class, then it is “official” and if there is another author it is unofficial?  Or maybe we just need a flag like Paride says.  But then who gets to set that flag?  Anyone in the community or just the original author?

  11. Original author i think. 

    Edit: i will only put stuff up that has either been tested or were i am pretty sure it works. 

    Have to go on my reputation there i guess. 

  12. The validation based on autorship works only for material that has been expanded, in case of completely new material, no info on the status of the material would be available

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