Another revised class I’m looking for feedback on: the Cavalier.

Another revised class I’m looking for feedback on: the Cavalier.

Another revised class I’m looking for feedback on: the Cavalier. This one requires the use of the Mounted Combat rules in Andri Erlingsson’s upcoming supplement. Let me know what you think?

Additional question: I’m an InDesign novice. How do you guys make the character sheets look like the ones Adam & Sage made? (tagging Jacob Randolph because he’s obviously got it down).

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  1. Giovanni Lanza probably you missed in the other post: are you keeping the links to the files for the different versions of your playbooks the same? I keep an annotated list of custom playbooks online, and would like to mantain it up to date.

  2. Hey Giovanni – I really like this Playbook 🙂

    I think Knightly Order is one of the best moves.

    I’d change Good and Bad Traditions to something for fictionally evocative in English. Hmmm, maybe……

    Magnanimous / Generous / Altruistic traditions and Callous / Heartless / Austere traditions?

    You’ve left out the 7-9 mark too, I think its meant to be:

    On a hit you are approached by someone who needs your help based on one of your Benevolent Traditions, choose one:

    On a 7-9 you get into trouble based on one of your Callous Traditions too.

    I’dd change the third option to be something NOT a dead end. I mean, the Cavalier can refuse irrespective of the plea, yeah? Perhaps something that taps into their honour or prestige?

    In this steading you are treated as Noble

  3. The alignment moves need tweaking, I mean you’re all about honour and chivalry right? Anyone can cause harm, but a truly evil Cavalier would: use another for your own ambition and discard them or enforce your superiority with suffering.

  4. Nathan Roberts thanks for your feedback. I agree that Good & Bad need a different word, but the 7-9 result is actually correct. They get the gig on a hit, then on a 10+ they get the perk.

    I really like the first Evil alignment, mind if I nab it?

    For the mount, I was basing it more on the Captain’s Ship than the Ranger’s Animal Companion. The mount is another tool in the Cavalier’s arsenal to lead. While they may have a close bond with their mount, that’s not the focus of the move.

  5. No worries Giovanni Lanza !

    Sure you can use it. 🙂

    I think the captain’s ship suffer’s from the same issue. Faults maketh the character (in this case the steed) plus it gives you something as the GM to hook into on a golden opportunity.

    Its not so much the bond with their mount (though I would argue that is a big deal), but ‘wiggle’ room in the way moves interact with the narrative.

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