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  1. Basically as Wynand Louw says but I’ll elaborate. The answer to your question likely varies from table to table. Your GM may bounce it back to you, but he doesn’t have to. Pitching it back is a way to take work off the GM and let you define that aspect of the world, but it isn’t a requirement – if he has an answer, he can give it, and it is equally binding in the fiction. Either way, your preparation isn’t necessary. Making it up, if called upon to do so, should be organic and not rehearsed, in theory.

  2. It also depends on how works your magic! It’s about dark pacts? Using your inner power? Mastering the four elements? Is magic related to blood, like if you have a dragon ancestor? Or it’s all about the power stored in your spellbook?

  3. – It has always been a place of power since the primordial formation of the world.

    – An innocent child walked around it clockwise

    – A tree that flowered out of season was cut down and burned

    – It is created by being the place of a strong personal memory

    – A shadow ends at this point during the equinox

    – A theatrical company enacts a traditional drama that ironically retells the theft of magic from the gods

    – The place where a unicorn was born

    – The room where the king slept last night

    – Nowhere in particular: the actual thing that determines a place of power is whether there is a living phoenix in the room

    – The place where the sky meets the sea

  4. A place of power is one that answers when the wizard asks.

    A place of power is where the surplus energy of the planet springs forth, changing the landscape

    A place of power is where the remains of some gods of yore rest underground.

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