5 thoughts on “Hello everyone!”

  1. So if there is a horde of 100 goblins with 1 armor and 6HP I can kill the entire horde with 7 damage??

    Or it will only do 6 damage to the group, and they will be left with 594HP?

  2. Your first example would work if you somehow did damage to all 100 of them simultaneously (say, a really big Fireball).

    In the second example,. if you slash at the horde and deal 10 damage, I’d say 7 damage to one goblin (one damage gets subtracted for armor), it dies, then 3 damage to the next one (also one damage subtracted by armor), so effectively 592 HP left.

  3. I would say follow the fiction. It depends greatly on the type of attack being used. If you’re using AOE attacks then you can mark damage for numerous goblins. If it is a simple sword slash, depending on how it is described, it can affect a single or multiple targets. Always follow the fiction ^_^

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