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  1. Look to the fiction.  Daggers can be concealed.  Daggers are metal and might harm certain foes or be immune to the magics of the treefolk.  Perhaps the use of a bow is sufficient evidence to convict you of being a spy for the elves….

  2. Cause my vision for my character is a cool-badass with throwing daggers.

    Why do you prefer them over say…. a ragged bow?

    Cause any dirty farmer can use a bow, my dagger-throwing skill gives me respect!

    Cool, so where did you get them?

    My secret lover, the noble lady Jasmine had them made for me – all engraved with symbols of our love, sharp and well-balanced.

    Sweet! So this tryst is secret to everyone?  Do folks ask about where you got these fancy-smancy daggers?

    Yeah its a well-kept secret, I pummel any rumourmongers. but her husband’s ex-gameskeeper (the Ranger) saw us in the throes of passion and knows my secret; that’s our bond – I have vowed to to keep an eye on her at all costs.

  3. You can recover daggers!  When ammo is reduced, it’s just gone.  Of course, if your dagger flew wide and is sticking in a crack in the wall above the boiling pit of poison…..

  4. And Steven Lumpkin i think it is in the text that you can’t choose to spend ammo while using throwing weapons. you have x shots and that is it. If they are recoverable (or still useable after hitting the fire-shaman) depends on your GM moves. 

  5. “If you’re throwing something that doesn’t have ammo (maybe you’ve got a move that makes your shield throwable) you can’t choose to mark off ammo. Choose from the other two options instead.” 

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