Question on multiclass casters.

Question on multiclass casters.

Question on multiclass casters. If you have the Wizard and Cleric spellcasting abilities, do you also have two sets of “memorized” spell slots or do you have the same set of slots and just need to share space in it for both types of spells? I am guessing you just have more options, not more memorized spells. Had this question come up from a player and wasn’t certain. Thanks. 

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  1. Mechanical answer: because each Cast a Spell move comes with its own method of preparing those spells (Deity/Commune for the Cleric, Spellbook/Prepare Spells for the Wizard), as well as rolling different stats to make the move, I’d probably rule that the player gets a number of spells whose levels don’t exceed their (caster) level+1 for each Multiclass move they’ve taken. Arguments could be made for limiting their total number of spell slots to whichever caster level is higher, I suppose, but I suspect a player would invest in both because they want to be able to make the most of both moves, and my instinct is to be a fan of their character and let them do it.

    Fun answer: ask the player! If they tell you that of course they get extra spell slots, ask how their Deity feels about the PC not giving Them their full attention. Ask if it ever gets exhausting having to spend time studying their spellbook AND communing with their Deity. Ask them if other arcane magic-users look down on them for their association with the Divine, and if any men and women of the faith disapprove of their arcane dabbling.

  2. When the Wizard makes the Prepare Spells move, they can prepare any spells from their spellbook that total up to their level plus one (and get their cantrips for free). That means the Wizard has to actually have a specific spell in their spellbook in order to prepare it.

    When the Cleric makes a Commune move, they can prepare any spells from the Cleric spell list that total up to their level plus one (and get their rotes for free). That means the Cleric can choose any spell from the Cleric spell list they want.

    To me, that implies they are separate and have separate “spell slots”. So a Wizard who took multiclass Cleric spell casting ability would get to prepare their level plus 1 levels worth of Wizard spells and their level plus one levels worth of Cleric spells.

    However, the triggers for the Prepare Spells and Commune moves are different. If you want both sources, you have to do both moves. Also, you don’t count your full level when choosing spells for your multiclass spell casting ability.

    Edit: I got Ninja’d by Traveling Haberdasher. 

  3. OMG Mike Wice you just BROKE THE GAME! (also /sub because I never thought about this and a player will do it, sure as I live and breathe – at least ’til my lich-making potion kicks in…)

  4. Oh god no, what have we unleashed. 

    Thankfully the Wizard doesn’t get a multiclass move… right? So now I am left dealing with the Cleric who will probably get an extraordinary amount of casting ability.

  5. Now that you mention it Mike Wice,  you’re right. The Wizard doesn’t get a multiclass move, and the Cleric only gets one multiclass move that isn’t available until they hit 6th level.

    Plus, the multiclassing rules (page 29) state that “If a move from another class refers to your level, count your levels from the level where you first gained a move from that class”. So if a Cleric takes Multiclass Dabbler when they hit 6th level (gaining the Spellbook, Prepare Spells, and Cast a Spell moves from the Wizard playbook), they count as a 1st level Wizard. That means even at 10th level, they will only count as a 4th level Wizard.

    All that being said, while a 6th level Cleric/1st level Wizard may have an extraordinary amount of casting ability, they still trigger the Cast a Spell move every time they try to cast one of those spells. They have to roll the dice each time they do, and risk a 6- every time they do.

  6. One of my players took Wizard as soon as he hit 6th level. He’s currently 9th level Cleric/4th Wizard, about to hit 10th level Cleric/5th Wizard. It’s not caused any particular rules problems; it certainly doesn’t break the game.

    We’ve taken the two as separate in all respects.

    You might want to consider whether the -1 from a 7-9 cast affects the other set. And the same for ongoing spells. It doesn’t for us.

    I wish he hadn’t taken wizard, purely because it’s battered the Wizard player’s niche. But that’s just an opinion; the rules are fine.

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