18 thoughts on “Anyone heard of Elder Scroll World or Morrowind World being created?”

  1. thanks Claudio Freda! I was actually planning on translating it sometime in the future. But first, let’s see how it goes with the italian release.

    Andrzej Zielinski anyway, you can easily play in Tamriel with the basic rules, if you’re not too picky about one or two details!

  2. I should mention it’s super rough, which is why I’m not posting it at the moment. Everybody who mentions you only need basic rules with some added lore is exactly right. My hack just reflects the games without trying to emulate them.

    Looking forward to Skyrim world! Claudio Freda

  3. Well, monsters, spells and the such are not a problem at all, it’s practically comsetinc changes really. I have some ideas on how to hack this, but I was wondering if there’s already an awesome atempt at this somewhere that would save me a lot of work. I have some idea of how to reflect the semi-classless mood of Morrowind, and I was just wondering if anyone gave it a thought before, cause as far as ideas go, mine are still in a more or less shapeless stage and could use a nodge one way or the other. 

    Thank you all for answering 🙂

  4. What about making really small base classes, like the size of a CC, but with the Look, Bonds, Drives, etc.

    Have magic work a little like HP (X +STAT)

    Ok, so then these tiny classes are all built around the star signs warrior, mage, thief, serpent, ritual, lord, lady, lover, tower, steed, apprentice, atronach.

    And so each class has a specific move or moves associated with the signs and some other bonuses that synergize with it. Try and integrate the good and bad into the classes. Like an Atronach character can’t use magic like everyone else (in order to Cast A Spell, they have to roll and spend hold or something) but on a defend roll or defy danger, on a 10+ they gain 1 hold.

  5. Jay Vee That’s sort of the lines I was rolling. The approach to character clasess through signs is actually quite nice. I was more focused on going there through races instead, because of how specific the races of Tamriel are. But the signs, that’s awesome 🙂 I’ll see what I can cook up 🙂

  6. Also, make race moves, the ones in tthe games will make a great starting point. Then you simply divide moves by Combat Magic or Stealth. And everyone can choose any move at level up.

    (So like a playbook with the first page, and then the advanced moves page is all multiclass dabbler basically )

    Magic as I said would be like HP, each sign gets X +INT magic points to cast a spell.

    Use the magic schools from the games and their effects as a baseline. Each time you buy the Cast A Spell move, you choose one school, and you can cast those spells. (So a primary fighter can still do some healing and turning undead by picking up restoration.)

    Rank each effect 1-3

    Casting an effect applies the effect rank as a modifier to the roll like a debility (sort of) that the player must spend magic to counter.

    So a Master level Conjuration spell would look like

    Bound Armor (self, Armor 2 Weight 0, -3)

    So yeah, any mechanically important bits of a spell can probably be modeled with tags, and I recommend for custom spells that each tag is a -1 to cast. Spells that are all in the fiction (like nighteye) should be ruled by the consensus of the table.

  7. The way I handled bound armor is with a tag I call “magicka committed.” You pick an amount of magicka (up to 3) to dedicate to the armour, and get it back once it goes away.

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