I need some help from the Tavernites.

I need some help from the Tavernites.

I need some help from the Tavernites. I’ve got a rough draft that I’ve been working on for a Planeswalker Class. I’m struggling with getting a good selection of advanced moves (both 2-5 and 6-10) I’d also welcome any and all feedback that this great Community can muster. Thanks in advance, people!

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  1. The basic moves need to be finished. 

    I added some comments but really I would like more substance before commenting much further. Can you add a description of the class too? I’m sort of lost with the terms being thrown about.

    Overall, I think there is a fun concept developing. Need to focus in on the class’s shtick.

    I echo Tim’s questions.

  2. So, this may work better as a Compendium Class, first off… Tim Franzke  is probably right here.

    But, if you really want a class, I try to do the following:

    1-3 moves that allow cross-class capability

    25-30% of the remainder should enhance or support the class’s starting moves

    40-60% of the remainder should be pretty straight-forward, either simple new abilities, enhance starting moves, or provide a straight-forward benefit

    10-30% of the remainder should be cool new moves, you can do full moves with the normal structure or whatever

  3. So, the idea for this was born from a game I’m in over at GotExp with Misha Polonsky . Our rotating cast of characters are on a scavenger hunt of sorts that is now headed for other Planes of existence. I thought it’d be appropriate to bring in a PC that has some experience in extra-planar affairs.

    Does this feel more like a CC to you guys?

  4. Short Answer: Yes.

    Longer Answer: Yes because the fiction I pick out from the class is that you are playing a character that has already traveled through the planes. Someone who has attuned to the planar stuffs and can command or be affected by it in some way.

    This fiction lends itself to a CC. If the class was focused on say, some weird planar being or a “plane touched” human, dwarf, etc… that sort of grows into strange powers and unknown connections to other planes then maybe a base class would be suitable. 

    Ask yourself if a ranger, cleric, fighter, etc… could be one of these Planeswalkers or are they unique enough that an entire class/profession is built around it.

    However, fictionally a CC would fit better IMO. Plus, CC’s tend to take less time to make!

  5. I’d like to note that I think if you want to make it a base class then go for it; you don’t NEED to have reasons to make a base class. 

    If you want to do it to be creative I say go for it.

  6. Elliott Doza, I have come around to your view. Absolutely, any existing base class should be able to become a Planeswalker. I don’t see any reason for it to be otherwise as far as our fiction is concerned. In fact, I think I see a decent way to work my current character into that CC through the soon to occur fiction. 🙂 Misha Polonsky , look for a post to that effect soon.

  7. So, you need really three things…

    A requirement: this is how you become a planeswalker. You have this already!

    Then you need an “opening move”: this would be like Dimensional Attunement + Phase Shift.

    Then you need 1+ advanced moves… travel planes at will, conjure power from a plane, interrogate planar essence, what have you

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