7 thoughts on “When my players ask what to do when two of them wants to play the same playbook”

  1. Let them play the same class or let them work it out between themselves. 

    Or both pitch a character concept for the class and the table decides what they like better, don’t know. 

  2. We sometimes play what’s called “The Example Game.” The two in question get a sheet of paper and a pencil. Sixty second time limit, name all cultural examples of that type of character. Go. The most applicable examples win.

  3. Adam Koebel That’s a nice application of the GM move..the players look at you waiting for an answer and you reveal an unwelcome truth:  I only have one of each. Dun dun dun!

  4. Roll a die, high roll gets that playbook, loser chooses a different one.  In the next campaign, you may not play the same playbook as the last campaign, so now the other player can play that class.

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