I’ve just finished the first Mistborn novel by Brian Sanderson.

I’ve just finished the first Mistborn novel by Brian Sanderson.

I’ve just finished the first Mistborn novel by Brian Sanderson. Amazing books! I loved the magic system, and the universe he created. So I bought the Mistborn Adventure Game, which is more like an extra book, with tons of extra stories, content, and details about Allomancy.

Here’s the class playbook I made from that inspiration.

It’s a little too heavy for my taste, but the magic in Mistborn is a very exact thing, and even this is too generalized. Let me know where I can trim the fat.

I’ll be running a test game for it tonight. And a Feruchemy class inspired by the same is in the works!


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  1. Well, it’s a different vibe than Dresden.

    It was written on a bet that he couldn’t make a good book series when given a terrible prompt.

    The prompts were “the lost legion” and “pokemon”.

    Definitely fantasy, but surprisingly good given it’s dubious prompts.

  2. I love Mistborn, so I’m thrilled that you made this!

    If you didn’t mind a class that was more just inspired by allomancers rather than an exact copy, you could simplify the class by rolling all the metals up into one. Then your class moves such like Iron-Pull would use up 1 Metal.

  3. Yeah, I simplified it to three metals, and replaced “durations” with “gain the bonus until you roll a natural 6 or lower”. I thought about just having one metal, but I like the idea of a tiny bit of micromanagement. And didn’t want this ti just be a “metal wizard”. I wanted to have different metals, with different effects, etc. And I removed the level split for advanced moves and instead added a just the required metals. So you can either spread thin across all metals or rush through all the powers of one metal.

  4. I added Codex Alera to my reading list! It looks interesting. I really enjoy adapting interesting classes or magic systems to dungeon world. Any other requests? 

    I finished reading “A Wise Man’s Fear” and I might do a Sympathy class!

  5. I like this Class more. However, is the +1 bonus on the burn needed? You get strong fictional capabilities that are interesting enough. Some of them might even allow you to skip rolling for specific moves. 

    The +1 to Defy Danger on Iron is especially problematic since you can do so much with Defy Danger. How can your magnetic abilties help you to withstand your fear of a dragon or to charm your way past someone? If you insist on the +1 bonus then it needs to be related to the burn effect in some way. “+1 to defy danger when using your metal manipulation to get away from something” would be an example. 

    The Tin burn +1 to INT, CHA and WIS is bascially the same problem. How doe a better sight help you to remember what your GranGran taught you about Owlbears or to withstand your fear of heights? 

    Someone on Pewter burn might not be rolling a lot of H&S. She is not enganging in melee with someone, she is slaughtering them. 

    Why is Yummy a d6 roll and not a normal move? 

    (also this should be on the first page to make clear how the moves work) 

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