14 thoughts on “Guys, I’m sorry, but I can’t take it anymore.”

  1. Honestly, damage is not the most common thing I do to my players’ characters. Knock them down, throw them off cliffs, drop buildings on them, spring a trap, break their gear… sure. But not often damage, unless they specifically trigger it with Hack and Slash.

  2. I do the damage rolls as well for the youngsters I’ve got a couple dice ditherers that roll the dice for ages. They also generally feel the game master should be doing adversarial things to them. 

  3. I actually do this professionally at a FLGS as part of an after-school education program. Damage just takes them forever. If I’m like, “Roll 2d12 for the dragon’s damage,” they have to find 2d12, be told that the d10s they picked up are not in fact d12s, roll the dice, pick them up off the floor (I’ve started using a “dice that go to the floor are either 1’s or maxed” rule), and then look at the results. It’s faster if I just roll a die.

    Stephanie Bryant, I do math very slowly in my head so it’s actually faster for me (especially in cases like b[2d12]) just to roll it rather than taking the average (which is always a multiple of .5 anyway).

  4. The game doesn’t break if the GM rolls damage, and if it makes your games faster, easier, and more fun, don’t hesitate to do it. 

    When I first started GMing DW, I’d roll damage dealt to the players, but after a few sessions got them to roll. Both work fine, but there’s a freedom I now enjoy playing diceless GMing.

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