Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box

Special Size, Control +2,  Special Passengers

A Cardboard Box

The size of a cardboard box is dependent on what it was designed to contain, so you can find boxes from Tiny all the way up to Large size. The size is determined when you locate a good box. As a box, it requires no feed for animals, is cheap to repair (effectively no cost other than time), requires no crew beside the pilot and must be used with a very active imagination.

Time Masheen

When you want to ride in the Cardboard Box, you must misspell the name of the vehicle you want it to be on the side of the box in some kind of permanent marker and acquire some kind of cool hat to wear to show you are the captain. Aside from the stats above, it now counts as that vehicle in all ways and has the vehicle’s Passenger value and moves. It still appears as a cardboard box to boring adults.

Check the Cargo Hold

All equipment the vehicle chosen with Time Masheen would come with is actually imaginary and thus invisible to those who don’t have an active imagination but functions normally so long as it is used on board the vehicle. The Cardboard Box counts as having imaginary weapons (if the vehicle comes with weapons normally) but cannot be mounted with additional real weapons. All imaginary weapons still require imaginary ammo and can run out until you can restock somewhere safe.

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